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Facility Use Procedures 

All use of district facility rules, fees, and information can be found in the link to Board Policy 7510 Administrative Procedures below.

 Board Policy 7510 Administrative Procedures

Category II, Category III, and Category IV Facility Use Charge Sheets are listed below. These forms will assist you in developing costs and fees associated with use based on the category of user as described in the above administrative procedures.  If you have any questions regarding facility use, please contact Rosemary Browning at (321)633-1000 ext. 631.

Effective Date of 2/01/2013:
Category II Charge Sheet without HVAC
Category II Charge Sheet with HVAC
Category III Charge Sheet without HVAC
Category III Charge Sheet with HVAC
Category IV Charge Sheet without HVAC
Category IV Charge Sheet with HVAC

 All outside entities must have a general liability insurance policy with limits of at least $1,000,000. The entity must submit a Certificate of Insurance that lists the School Board as the certificate holder and as an additional insured to the general liability policy as proof that they have insurance in place. If the outside entity does not have general liability insurance, they can purchase a policy for use via the District's TULIP Program. For information about the TULIP program, please click on the link to the instructions below.

TULIP Instructions