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Electronic Payment Option for Vendors:  

Accounting Services offers a payment option known as electronic payables or ePayables.  This project was a joint effort between Accounting Services and Purchasing Services and we teamed up with Bank of America who is the leading accounts payable electronic card program provider nationally.  

The District enforces the normal payment terms of forty-five (45) days, per Chapter 218.74 of Florida Statutes, when a vendor continues with check payments. 

Vendors participating in the ePayables program will not be subject to the normal payment terms and payments would be made as soon as Accounts Payable receives an invoice from the vendor and is notified that the goods have been received or services have been rendered.  For more information on the service view our Brochure and to take advantage of this ePayables service contact Accounting Services at 321-633-1000 ext 660.

The benefits to our vendors include:

  • Accelerated receipt of cash, as funds are typically deposited within 48 hours of the credit card transaction.
  • Reduced collection costs associated with lost / misplaced checks and elimination of check float time.

The benefits to the District include:

  • Providing operational efficiency by using ePayables, Accounting Services will be substantially moving away from manual payment processing.
  • Additional revenue stream from Bank of America who provides an ePayables' rebate for all payments processed through the new elctronic process.


Did you know: 
When allocating strings to p-card transactions it is the site's responsibility to verify that all strings are accurate and usable before signing off on the transaction.  Each accounting string code that is used must be checked for accuracy of string structure, that it is an active string for the current fiscal year, and that there is an available budget in the string for the expenditure to be applied.  The following persons / departments are contacts to resolve specific accounting string issues.
For a nonspecific accounting string to be activated in the system, please contact 
         Budgeting Department,

For a specific accounting string to be activated in the system, please contact

         Fund 3XX Kelly Martin,
         Fund 4XX Rachelle Parker,
         Fund 921 Nancy Bonsal,
Insufficient available budget in string, please contact

         Budgeting Department: